Who Is The Gourmet Grocer

Hi I’m The Gourmet Grocer my name is Andy I am from a small village in Derbyshire UK but now very proudly call Australia home ! I have always had a love for great food and being brought up  in the countryside we always had a table full of fresh amazing delights which were created by my two favourite cooks my Mum and my Nanna. From an early age they had me mixing and stirring,  oh yes and licking the mixing spoon!!! On moving to Australia I found myself surrounded by amazing product and decided to throw away the City 9-5 grind and open The Gourmet Grocer In Balmain Sydney, where we sourced best of the best Gourmet Foods and Cheeses !!! After 8 years and winning multiple awards including Best Cheese Counter New South Wales in The Good Food Shopping Guide , we moved ‘The Gourmet Grocer’ online and since then have also opened ‘The Truffle Store’ and ‘The Balsamic Store’.  The move online was a great move for me,  as it now gives me more time to research produce, meet the producers and yes,  write a blog. I hope you enjoy following me in my addiction to food !!! Over and out and back to the kitchen !

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    Hi Andy, great blog. Looking forward to some exciting menus.

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